Abuse on Animals Should Be Taken More Seriously

Fernando Fernandez, Staff

Abuse is usually taken seriously. But when it comes to animals experiencing the abuse, most cases are rarely reported.

Animal cruelty is the abuse toward or neglect of an animal. Like forcing animals to experience harm, fear and devastation. Yet some people look the other way due to them deciding their only problem is themselves.

Animals are abused because some people decide to take out their problems of feeling, powerless, unnoticed and under control by others, out on defenseless organisms so they can feel better about themselves.

More cases of animal abuse should be reported no matter how shocking it is. People need to see the mistake of how terrible it is to ignore what’s going on with animals and stop mostly focusing on only their own species.

It is estimated by petpedia that over 100 million animals are abused or killed every year and in one survey it is shown, by humane society, that 71 percent of pet owners abuse their pets

And it is shown that those who abuse animals have a 5 times rate of abuse towards humans as well. Humane society found that 88 percent of families that were being suspected of child abuse also abused their pets.

People who don’t support animals getting equality in rights think that there is nothing wrong with using animals for human purposes like food or clothing but that it should be done in a way that minimizes unnecessary pain, suffering and also not doing whatever is wanted with animals.


Exploitation to animals is soaring due to humans being able to dominate animals and think just because they are at the top, they can do what they want. A higher power isn’t meant to be used against lower powers, in fact, its purpose is to protect them.


A survey by The Conversation had 2 scenarios. The people decide if killing an infected chicken to save the other healthy 5 is right and if killing a healthy person to save 5 dying people is also right. 35% said it was wrong to end the infected chicken whereas 85% said it was wrong to kill the healthy human. This shows how differently people see animals from themselves.


Pet-shops also treat their “merchandise” poorly. As some of them sell sick or injured animals with little effort to provide proper veterinary care, while also keeping them in unhealthy conditions. If no one buys any specific animal from the shop after some time, they get rid of the animal in awful ways.


There is illegal hunting going on which is getting the least attention. Peta issued that almost 40% of hunters go to public lands and leave animals injured to die slowly and painfully. And hunters say that they are maintaining balance but really they go for the biggest and strongest animals and mess up with nature just for entertainment.


The problem with factory farms is that the animals there suffer greatly. It’s shown by Mercy For Animals that the animals experience brutality like being punched, kicked, stabbed, stomped on and skinned alive. The animals are also crammed into tiny cages and age unnaturally fast which leads to deformity and early deaths.


Ways to help out animals is to join an animal rights organization which is where you can donate your time or money. These organizations raise awareness on animal cruelty, being involved with the solution is a great reward to reflect on. If animal abuse is witnessed, it should be immediately reported because it’s an opportunity to give that animal a better home.