Blazing A Virtual Trail


Fernanda Valle, Editor-in-Chief

The drastic change from enjoying long summer days to returning to school has always been a challenge for students, but it seems that this year, new obstacles have been coming into play. COVID-19 has changed the world in every way possible, and that includes approaching the new school year at Lebanon Trail. The LT Student Council has especially taken into account the circumstances preventing a normal school year and are making many changes to maintain the LT spirit. 


Since the opening of Lebanon Trail in 2016, Student Council has always been there to make sure the LT community is always a happy one. From organizing events like Homecoming, the Pink Out Pep Rally in October, Food Drives, and more, Student Council has always been a key part during the school year. Yet, these events are ones commonly held in person, and COVID-19 has prevented normal face-to-face interactions. With LT having students taking in person classes and virtual classes, Student Council is facing a year like never before.


In her second year as the LT Student Council sponsor, Ms. Sydney Heckes recognizes the drastic change from the previous year, but maintains an optimistic attitude despite it. 


Virtual learning has completely changed our approach to Student Council.  StuCo will definitely look different this year, but we are excited to maintain a positive presence and cultivate a school-spirited community,” Ms. Heckes said. 


Heckes knows it is difficult to navigate a student council during these unprecedented times, but she said she is looking forward to working with the new Student Council officer team to come up with new ways to remain an interactive part of LT.


“I think it has been really important for me to recognize that even though we can’t do a lot of the things and events that we did last year, StuCo still has an important role in the LTHS community. This year, more than ever, it is our job to promote and create a positive campus culture, work on community outreach, and come together to transform our typical events to a more virtual environment,” Ms. Heckes said. 


Like Ms. Heckes, the new officer team is facing their own set of challenges. The previous Student Council officer team (now freshmen in college) was made up of the same 5 students since LT first opened back in 2016. Now, each position is taken by a new student, who are each trying to make this year the best they can make it. 


Senior Emma Roco is the new president of the LT Student Council, and while there are many obstacles in her path, she said she is looking forward to the new year. 


“My ultimate goal is to reach every student at LT’s needs,” Roco said. “Being president means a lot, but if I can make some sort of a difference to help others and serve students I care about that is all that matters.”


Roco has said that with virtual learning, there have been more complications about the future of Student Council, but that it only means that she is able to come up with more creative ways to lift the spirits of the LT community.


“We know that this year might be one of the most challenging for all students but we want to give them something to smile about,” Roco said. “Some ideas we have in mind are daily notications, spirit weeks, and student mentorships. It’s the personal connection that we sometimes lack during virtual learning that Student Council wants to bring to life this year.”


Likewise, junior Yee Hong Pua, the new LT StuCo secretary, said COVID-19 has forced him to think outside of the box for student council, but he is working as hard as possible for the LT community.

“LT has such a unique and diverse student body that excels in everything from fine arts to athletics, and being in a leadership position that represents this student body is a privilege, to say the least,” Pua said. “We are planning unconventional events like virtual homecoming, social-distanced service projects, posts of weekly positivity, and more, so keep a lookout for LT StuCo!”