Screen technology: Pros and Cons

Jaya V Rajamanickam, Editor

Jayarithanyaa Vanajavadivu Rajamanickam, Writer, Editor

These days it is difficult to go anywhere without noticing that most people are focusing on their phone or some other electronic device.

“Too much screen time is bad and causes disrupted sleep and attention span. Also, it gives off blue light which is also unhealthy for us.” sophomore Sravya Bhamidipati said.

“Screen time is a distraction which may cause low grades and can affect our health,” freshman Akshitha Chintalapati said.

The good of screen time is that they make information accessible, you can buy online, and it’s good for entertainment. And the bad of screen time is that they are addictive, keeps you from spending time in the real world with family and friends, you may become isolated,” sophomore Sravya said.

“However, screen time can also help make things like doing homework or certain projects far more efficient when one commits to using it productively,” Junior Annika Parichuri said. “Given that screen technology provides both entertainment and productive services, people must choose what they allocate their time to use it.”

Device applications that are most used for entertainment include social media, Netflix, youtube. These applications are the primary reason people spend so much time staring at their screens.

“Screen technology has evolved in a way that makes it extremely addictive and challenging to give up. The current addictive app is the Tik Tok,” senior Suha Salman said. “Whenever somebody needs to relax after a grueling day of work, they may settle down and watch some shows and videos on Netflix and YouTube.”