LTHS Students Join the Battle


Zachary Widner, Editor In Chief

On December 7, 2018, Nintendo dropped their latest title in the Super Smash Brothers Franchise. Super Smash Bros Ultimate, otherwise known as Smash Ultimate, dropped on the Nintendo Switch console exclusively and many students rushed to purchase the game at local stores. Smash Ultimate is a 3D fighting game that features characters from many beloved Nintendo titles as well as some third party game companies.
The previous Super Smash Brothers game was on the Wii U, Nintendo’s lowest selling home console since the GameCube in 2001. However, the Nintendo Switch has already sold 18.71 million more consoles at the end of its 2nd year on the market.
The switch is much more popular due to the fact that it can serve as both a home console and a handheld portable console. This has led many students to bring their Nintendo Switch to school to play Smash during lunch and free time in class. Many teachers have even joined in playing the game with their students.
The Smash craze is at an all-time high right now. If you look in the D-hall during lunch, there is usually a crowd of students surrounded around a screen playing Smash with various characters. The game currently has a roster of 75 characters with 5 more on the way this year.
Many students have established a certain rule set in order to make matches fairer. A majority of the players utilize a 3 stock game mode with no items or stage hazards with an 8-minute timer. Some players utilize the final smash meter, but the ruleset is different from player-to-player.
Students also have a wide variety of mains. Here’s a list of some Vanguard Staff members’ mains.
Zachary Widner ~ Piranha Plant & Ken
Zack Bernius ~ Ice Climbers & Rob
Kelsey Burdick ~ King K. Rool
Cameron Guyton ~ Captain Falcon & Cloud
Christina Emanuel ~ Link & Captain Falcon
Jasmin Khan ~ Princess Peach

Noah Crayton claimed Smash Ultimate is his “favorite game of all time as or right now.” Crayton and many of his friends are known to frequently play Smash Ultimate during lunch nearly every day.
Smash Ultimate has certainly made an impression on LTHS recently and likely will continue to as the DLC is released later this year. We will continue to report on Smash news as the school year progresses.