Birds are in fact… FAKE!!!

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Zack Bernius

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    You see them fly around the sky as they chirp their songs. You think nothing of it as you go about your day…

                  What if that was just a lie and the “birds” are actually government made and are used to spy on us and invade our privacy!?!?!?!


Think about this…

     Pigeons go anywhere & everywhere but somehow they always return to their nests… Also, in China there are fake pigeons that the Chinese government uses in order to observe the population. They use fake pigeons with small cameras inside of it.


You could say China is just crazy, but the potential to know everything your population is doing is insanely smart & powerful. It would make sense as well, since the ability to spy on the population was used in the past with satellites. Satellites could take photos of the earth from the atmosphere. So if they wanted to get pictures from just above ground level… Birds would be the perfect disguise.


Birds fly around and some birds can fly up to 160 km per hour and could easily land on someone’s roof and take a glance inside your house. Birds can travel the globe and could even take photos of other countries and report back to a home country with their hidden cameras. People would think that’s impossible… but it’s not. Store bought drones could travel up to 1.24 km in one charge. So it’s not that far off to say government drones could travel the globe from the safety of the Pentagon.


Do you think birds are real or are they truly drones meant to spy on us?