New Year, New Us

Jasmin Khan, Director of Writing

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New Year Resolutions are one thing that most students usually have in mind after the holidays! As we inch closer to the end of the year, many students are finishing up last minute goals and things they wanted to do before the 2018 year ends.


Let’s look back at our fantastic school year! From the beginning of  year we welcomed over 400 new students to our school and along with many new teachers.


Along, with our sports team have improved a lot compared from last year. Even, tho our football season this year wasn’t the best, we did try our best to make it through the season.


However, our Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, and the rest of our sports teams, had a great season so far. They are working harder to end their season, with a good ending, before starting back in 2019.


Even, our amazing Fine Arts department has worked hard this year creating and producing wonderful artwork and music.


So as we get closer to the end of the year! Spend time reflecting back on the memories and

moments that were made in 2018! Have a great New Years and a happy holidays!