The Illuminati is in Fact… REAL!!!

Zack Bernius, Vanguard TV Reporter

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People think that events like the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo, the assassination of JFK, and the communists in Hollywood as events planned by the governments involved…


What if I told you that the governments had no part in these events…It was in fact the Illuminati!


The Illuminati was an organization founded by Adam Weishaupt in the mid 1700’s. The word, “Illuminati,” means “enlightened” in Latin. George Washington famously wrote about the threat the Illuminati had on the nation.


The Illuminati ended in the mid 1800’s but that’s not where it ends…


  1.  In 1963, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Most believed the killer was crazy and insane but what if I told you that he was influenced by a Soviet official in the Illuminati.


  1. Also, there weren’t communists in hollywood during the 1950’s… it was Illuminati spies sent via the Soviet Union in order to advance the New World Order project.


An anonymous source said “I never realized how much the illuminati did in the world, even to this day!”


  1. The Battle of Waterloo was the battle where Napoleon lost most of his army and led to his defeat, but how come all the sudden the British and Prussian could best the dominant French… It was the Illuminati funding the British in order for them to provide more calvary and more elite troops allowing for Napoleon to be defeated.


   So, you can believe that the Illuminati did nothing and ended in the 1800’s. Or, you can face the facts and see how the Illuminati was and is in fact still around, influencing modern day events.


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