Starting with Sphero


Kelsey Burdick, Website Designer

In the past two weeks, both AP and on level Computer Science have been working on a new project. The students used Sphero, a spherical plastic ball that performs a variety of functions while being controlled by a smartphone or tablet.


Working in groups, the students were to design a course on a piece of cardboard that has the Sphero complete several actions:


  • Make eight turns
  • Play music once
  • Change color twice
  • Go through a tunnel
  • Weave through obstacles
  • Go inside then outside of a structure.

Their projects were also judged based on other aspects, including the Sphero’s performance accuracy and the creativity of design.

The purpose of the project was to have students “think like a computer thinks” as said by Mr.Hunter, the on level instructor. Students use simple software as an introduction to coding, and later in the year they will move onto more advanced software, such as programming with Java.